“After being diagnosed with sciatica, my doctor left me with very little options. Theres no simple cure, rather I was told it’s something that would go away on its own. I was prescribed medication to help with the pain and was advised to go to physical therapy, and if pain persist as a last resort to have surgery.

Prior to this injury I was very active and this left me home bound with debilitating pain. After trying everything the doctor prescribed with little to no improvement I resorted to alternative Medicine which brought me to Rolen who specialized in acupuncture. I was skeptic at first but after several weeks of treatment I saw improvements and after 2 months I was about 80 percent better. Very professional and attentive. I would recommend Rolen if your suffering from sciatica. Fast forward 1 year later and I am pain free.”

Den, Lowell, MA.


“I was a patient of Rolen Chom in the summer of 2014.

I highly recommend him to any who are in need of healing. Last 10 years I was on heavy doses of pain killers and blood loss due uterine endometriosis. By the end of the series of treatments combining acupuncture and herbs, the severe pain and debilitating discomfort which had plagued me for years was reduced for 90%. I have been thrilled with the results.

I now feel better than I have felt in many years. In addition to treating me with acupuncture and herbs, he has been instrumental in helping me make lifestyle changes necessary to maintain my wellbeing – which I followed with very positive outputs.

I give Rolen Chom my very highest recommendation, and urge any who may be considering adding integrative medicine to their health care regime to get his help. With his treatment I become very optimistic with my future health conditions.”

Julia, Quincy, MA.